OatSens® Sugarfree

OatSens® Sugarfree Biosensor Assay Kit

DirectSens offers a glucose and maltose assay kit optimized for customer needs. Together with the DirectSens® Reader you will be able to get a precise sugar analysis result in 3 minutes.

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OatSens® Sugarfree Biosensor Assay Kit

Product Details

Product Name OatSens®SugarFree Biosensor Assay Kit
Product Code HK1025 (25 biosensor assays)
Key Benefits Fast and precise detection of glucose and maltose, easy to use, especially developed for oat drinks.
Suitable for Direct measurement of analyte in combination with biosensor
Measurement type Enzymatic biosensor, amperometric detection
Function Principle The glucose- and maltose-specific enzymes on the biosensors oxidize the molecules in the sample. The current generated (electrochemical principle) depends on the amount of sugars and can be detected directly and accurately using the DirectSens® Reader (DR10).
Glucose and Maltose Relevance During oat drink production, starch is mainly hydrolyzed to the sugars glucose and maltose. These two sugars determine the sugar content and are crucial for the sweetness of an oat drink.
Limit of Quantification 0.1 % glucose and 0.1 % maltose (equivalent to 1 g/L)
Quantification Range 0.1 % – 1 % glucose and 0.1 % – 1 % maltose in oat drinks
Measuring Time < 3 minutes
Sample Preparation 1:11 dilution with buffer
Sample Volume 100 μL for glucose and 100 μL for maltose
Temperature Operation: 22 ± 2 °C (72 ± 3 °F) Storage: 2 – 8 ºC (36 – 46 °F)
Shelf Life 12 months
Dimension L: 120 mm (4.72 in), W: 90 mm (3.54 in), H: 115 mm (4.53in)
Weight 469 g
Components Assay Kit 25 single packed glucose biosensors (GH10) • 25 single packed maltose biosensors (MH10) • 2 bottles (each 125 mL) of buffer (HB10) • 1 vial (2mL) of positive control: glucose and maltose solution 0.5 g/L (HC10) • Manual • Quality Assurance Certificate
Data Export In .csv/.xls file: sample name, date, time, test type, parameter, result, unit (g/L, %, mg/100g, ppm), sensor batch, sensor ID, sensor expiry date, reader internal ID, software version
Validation of Method Validated internally against reference High-Performance Liquid Chromatography and Ion Chromatography

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