DirectSens® Reader Kit

DirectSens offers a range of kits optimized for customer needs. Together with the DirectSens® Reader you will be able to conduct precise maltose & glucose analysis in 3 minutes.

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The DirectSens® Reader Kit provides hardware and software that will allow you to get precise  measurements when used with the DirectSens® biosensor assay kits.  The DirectSens® Reader Kit can produce traceability reports and full documentation to validate your “sugar-free” labeling claims.

The software provides an intuitive set of menus which guides you, step by step through the assay process. The system is simple to use and rapidly produces results, allowing you to easily include this measurement in your production process. This makes the OatSens® Sugarfree biosensor assay kit the perfect solution for maltose and glucose analysis to release product, optimize the production process and speed up product development.

DirectSens® Reader Kit

Product Details

Suitable for Direct measurement of maltose and glucose levels in combination with DirectSens® Biosensor Assay Kit range
Function Principle The maltose-and-glucose-specific enzyme on the biosensor oxidizes the maltose and glucose molecules in the sample. The current generated (electrochemical principle) depends on the amount of maltose and glucose and can be detected directly and accurately using the DirectSens® Reader
Dimension Reader Case L: 300 mm (11.8 in), W: 85 mm (3.35 in), H: 280 mm (11.02 in)
Dimensions Reader L: 112 mm (4.41 in), W: 60 mm (2.36 in), H: 27 mm (1.06 in)
Housing Material Anodized aluminium with rubber sleeve, Color: Silver metallic
Weight Reader: 220 g, Reader Kit total: 1321 g
Power Supply USB; 5 V
Communication Via USB
Software OatSens® Software V. 1.0.
System Requirements Windows™ 7.0 or higher, min. free 25 MB hard disk space, 2 × USB, windows administrative rights to install software, display resolution min 1280 × 800 pixel
Language Capability English and German
Data Export In .csv/.xls file: sample name, date, time, test type, parameter, result, unit (g/L, %, mg/100g, ppm), sensor batch, sensor ID, sensor expiry date, reader internal ID, software version

DirectSens® Reader Kit

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