Sugar Profile of Sugar-Free Oat Drinks

19. October 2023

Oat drinks have become a popular choice for health-conscious consumers seeking a dairy alternative – especially sugar-free options are on the rise. However, what exactly is the sugar profile of these beverages, and how can producers ensure they comply with label claims? Let’s delve  into the world of sugar-free oat drinks and explore a new tool to guarantee adherence to regulations.

The production of sugar-free oat drinks relies on enzymes that hydrolyze starch, predominantly yielding glucose and maltose as the primary sugars. The exact composition and profile of these drinks vary depending on the specific production parameters and enzymes.

A thorough analysis of sugar profiles from various sugar-free oat drinks on the market confirmed  that maltose and glucose are the more significant components. In addition, small quantities of saccharose can be traced back to the oats themselves, while fructose, if present, is virtually negligible.

To be labelled as “sugar-free,” oat drinks must adhere to stringent guidelines, with the sum of all mono- and disaccharides required to be below 0.5%. However, a comparison of various oat drinks has shown that some products exceed this limit, raising concerns over labelling  accuracy.

With the OatSens® SugarFree kit, producers are now empowered to navigate these regulatory waters with ease, swiftly and effortlessly test compliance  with the 0.5% threshold  on-site and deliver products that align with consumer expectations for healthier beverage options.